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Lubrication Without Lubricating







Chain lubrication system, PU –Foam roller with plastic sprocket wheel - Maintenance Accessory for easy Retro- Fit.

FPSFlexxPinion System

Suitable for Standard Chains and Non Standard Chains
    Simplex    Duplex    Triplex    Others

 Maximum Speed of 7 m/s




- Composite PU –Foam roller with wear resistant plastic sprocket wheel
Clean application of lubricant via open pore PU-Foam
Suitable for fast speeds up to 7 m/s
- Optional protective cover for fast running chains

   preventing oil splash



Technical Description                                                           


FlexxPinion chain lubrication system, PU –Foam roller

with plastic sprocket wheel is a tailor made solution

for the fully automatic lubrication of all type of chains

using chain oil.

The PU –Foam rollers transfer smallest quantities of oil

to the highest point of the chain link plate. From there

the oil penetrates the link plate so that the lubricant can reach the most important actual lubrication point in between bushing and roller. Unwanted unnecessary coverage of other parts of the chain is prevented ensuring a clean and economical use. 


The mechanical transfer of force to drive the foam rolls is guaranteed by the sandwiched plastic sprocket segment made out of special wear resistant plastic material. The plastic sprocket segment ensures correct contact force of the lubrication PU-foam rolls preventing premature wear additionally it prevents the PU-Foam rolls from slipping on the chain surface. The composite design of the PU foam rollers and the plastic sprocket wheel enable a very smooth running even on the relatively uneven surface of the chain. This properties is also with chains running at high speed guarantied .

To prevent oil splatter due to high centrifugal forces we recommend the optional protective cover for chains running at speeds higher than 2,5 m/s.

For a long term automatic replenishment with chain oils the automatic lubrication system FlexxPump is recommended. The FlexxPinion can be used for re lubrication of rolling chains in all areas of machines and plant engineering. 


During the operation of chains wear occurs in the moving parts leading to an elongation of the chain. With a regular maintenance and good lubrication we can strongly prevent this from happening. Using the FlexxPinion and FlexxPump re lubrication system the efficiency of the chain is increased and therefore the driving energy can be considerably reduced.


Temperature range: -30°C ... +150°C


Very good chemical and wear resistance. Upon request anneal version available (approved and tested for paint compatibility).






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