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Lubrication Without Lubricating









Maintenance Accessory for easy Retro- Fit

FGS FlexxGear System

- Straight and Helical gear
- Module 2 to 30
- Width up to 300mm
- Open pore PU-Foam
- Temperature Range -30C... + 150C
- Segmented Construction
- Suitable for Grease and Oil
- Easy Installation for Retro-Fit
- Complete Accessory Program including different Axis


Technical Description

A very efficient and technical solution that automatically

relubricate gears.  Application is continues and

automatic. The special Lubrication Pinion is in contact

with the driving pinion or rack. The PU-Pinion is not

transferring force or torque it only transfers lubricant

into the contact area of the teeth.
The open pore PU-Foam material guarantees an

optimal supply of lubricant for the teeth. The PU-Foam

stores lubricant via absorption and releases it again in

smallest quantity in the contact zone of the teeth.

Excess lubricant is re absorbed. This prevents wear due

to lubricant starvation or spillage due over lubrication. 
The foam is supplied with lubricant via the tube connected to the axis of the Lubrication Pinion using a suitable local grease dispensing unit like the FlexxPump system or a central lubrication system. 
A long term wear free operation of the gears and racks can be guaranteed. The requirement for special open gear greases is dramatically reduced compared to conventional re lubrication methods. As for examples, spray system or brushes. The reason for this is the re absorption properties of the PU-Foam after exiting the compression phase which releases lubricant in the contact zone.
Typical application for Lubrication Pinions can be found in gears of large diameter bearings in wind turbines , open gears on ball mills ,kilns, dryers, winches, rack and pinions in machine and automation engineering. 

Description Axis
ILS3 can supply short term many standard types and sizes of axis and pinions from a standard program. Different helix angles, width and number of teeth are available upon request.


Very good chemical and wear resistance. Upon request anneal version available (approved and tested for paint compatibility).






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